Payment Options


For Medicare-eligible home health services.

Most of our patients are provided home health services at no cost to them! We bill Medicare directly and coordinate care with the patient’s primary care physician, nurses, therapists and more.

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Provided usually at no cost to the patient.

Private Insurance

For patients with qualifying private insurance plans.

Patients with private insurance plans may also be eligible to receive home health services. We bill the insurance provider directly and coordinate care with the physician, nurses and other team members. Elim works with a variety of insurance companies.

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Depending on plan, may provide for no out-of-pocket cost.

Private Assistance

Private care tailored to meet the client’s individual needs.

Our fastest growing segment, Private Assistance Services (PAS) provide the ultimate flexibility for the client’s care. We offer various service plans and create an individualized care plan for each client.

For more information regarding PAS, please call us at 972-290-9721 or email us using the link below.

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Accommodating plans that provide flexibility for client care.

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